2013-2014 General Catalog 
    Jul 19, 2024  
2013-2014 General Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Academic and Student Support Services



General Philosophy


Academic and Student Support Services are interrelated areas committed to achieving the purposes and instituting the mission of South Plains College.

South Plains College provides a quality learning environment. We do so by employing dedicated and qualified teachers, staff members and administrators who deliver a broad and dynamic curriculum and quality student support services. Understanding the diverse needs of students and the community, South Plains College seeks to improve the lives of our students and prepare them for lifelong learning.

South Plains College is committed to increase student success by providing assessment, advisement and counseling services that assist students in clarifying personal, academic and career goals; by providing tutoring and other student support services; by providing enrollment, financial aid and job placement services; and by providing opportunities to participate in the academic and social life of the College through social activities, community cultural leadership and wellness-fitness services.

The staff works toward seeing that every phase of the college experience represents an opportunity for the growth of the student. This focus is based on the premise that all of college life, both in and out of class, represents a real and significant part of the student’s educational development.

Student Services Facilities


The Student Services Building on the College’s Levelland Campus is a comprehensive student facility providing specialized assistance to all students of South Plains College. Located adjacent to the Administration Building, the Student Services Building houses the Guidance and Counseling Office, the Career Center, Testing Office, Disability Services Office, Financial Aid Office, Admissions and Records OFfice, Housing Office and administrative offices for the Student Affairs Division.

The SPC Reese Center offers a variety of students services that are located in the Administrative Offices in SPC Building 8. The Admissions and Records Office, Counseling Center, Placement Center, Career Lab, Disability Services Office, Financial Aid Office and Business Office are located in this facility. The Testing and Learning Center provides free academic tutoring and assistance in basic use of computers and is located in SPC Building 8. The Bookstore and the Library are also located in SPC Building 8.

Student services that are available at the Plainview Center include tutoring, guidance and counseling, financial aid and testing. The Director of the Plainview Center can assist students in accessing these services.

Academic Advising


Students are assigned to a primary advisor at the time of admission. If the student has declared a major, he/she is assigned to a faculty advisor in his/her major field. General Study majors are advised by a member of the Guidance and Counseling Center staff or an assigned faculty advisor. Students are strongly encouraged to visit regularly with their advisor for academic planning and registration assistance. The advisor works closely with the student in making satisfactory adjustment to the academic and co-curricular activities of the college. The advisor assists in preparing an academic plan, and then works with the student each subsequent semester to keep the academic plan current.

As a part of the advisement program, students are guided in the proper selection of courses transferable to the University of their Choice. Available in each Guidance and Counseling Center is a file of current catalogs from colleges and universities. Academic advisors are available at all South Plains College locations. Students taking classes exclusively online or at satellite locations are encouraged to contact their assigned advisor via email or phone.

Career Services


South Plains College provides a wide range of support for all SPC students, alumni and community members including student assessment, career information, career counseling, job search skill information, training, and employment resources. The counseling staff assists the student in finding a career field that is suited to the student’s personality, interests, values and aptitudes. In addition to the individual career services provided to students, SPC also offers HUDV 1200 Career and Self Evaluation, a college credit class. This course is designed to teach students the ongoing process of decision making as it relates to career, life and educational planning.

The placement service assists students in securing employment while enrolled in course work, following graduation or termination of their studies by helping students develop job seeking skills. Workshops and individualized assistance with resumes, interviewing skills and strategies, job hunting techniques and follow-up procedures are offered to prepare the student for a future occupation. Students and alumni may look for both full-time and part-time employment opportunities online at www.collegecentral.com/southplainscollege. The SPC job database is a free service to students and employers who seek to post jobs or who are looking for qualified students to fulfill their job needs.

The Levelland office is located in the Counseling Center, Student Services Building. The Reese office is located in the Counseling Center, Building 8. At either campus, as well as with the counselor at the Plainview Center and the Advisor at the Byron Martin ATC, students can make appointments to work on job related topics such as career assessment and investigation, resumes, cover letters, interviewing skills, and self-marketing techniques. Online career and self-exploration personality assessments are also available for students enrolled in online only courses.

Disability Services


In accordance with SPC’s Statement of Values, respecting “the diversity of its student body, and recognizes the worth and potential of each student”, individuals with disabilities attending South Plains College will find many programs and services designed to provide access to all aspects of college life. Academic accommodations are available to students with a documented disability. Any student who anticipates a need for accommodations must contact the Disability Services Office on either the Levelland Campus or SPC Reese Center after receiving official acceptance into South Plains College. Adequate notice to make arrangements for necessary accommodations is required. Contact the Disability Services Office for more information on procedures and required documentation.

Students enrolled at Levelland Campus, and/or dual credit courses will need to contact the Disability Services Office at the Levelland Campus at (806) 716-2530. Students attending SPC Reese Center, Plainview Center and/or Byron Martin ATC will need to contact the Disability Services Office at the SPC Reese Center at (806) 716-4654. Students enrolled in distance education/online courses can contact either Disability Services Office at Levelland or Reese.

Some students may be eligible for financial assistance from the Texas Department of Assistive and Rehabilitative Services (DARS), the Texas Rehabilitative Services for the Blind, the Texas Rehabilitative Services for the Deaf, and other agencies. For more information contact the Disability Services Office or the specific agency.

Designated parking is available for students who are permanently disabled and who have a state-issued plate or windshield card.

Fitness and Recreation

The Complex

The Complex at SPC is a multi-use facility that houses the Physical Education Department, intramural sports, student and community fitness classes, as well as special events. This is a facility that offers state-of-the-art fitness equipment, racquetball courts, two indoor basketball courts open each evening for recreational play. In addition, a wide variety of group fitness classes and recreational sports are available to students, employees and community members. Full-time students and employees may use the facility at no charge. ID and appropriate dress are required. For operation hours, visit www.southplainscollege.edu and select “Information for Community and Business.”

The Game Room

The game room in the Levelland campus Student Center provides a variety of games and entertainment. Students who possess a current SPC ID card are allowed to check out game room equipment. Your ID card will be returned after use and condition of equipment has been checked. Students are responsible for damages to facilities and equipment

Intercollegiate Athletics

South Plains College is a charter member of the Western Junior College Athletic Conference and conducts its program of intercollegiate athletics under the rules and regulations of that conference. The college fields intercollegiate teams in men’s and women’s basketball, cross country and track. To be eligible to participate in intercollegiate athletics, a student must meet all requirements established by the National Junior College Athletic Association of which South Plains College is a member.

South Plains College is also a member of the National Intercollegiate Rodeo Association and competes in men’s and women’s rodeo events as a member of the NIRA Southwestern Region. Further information concerning intercollegiate sports and the selection of team members may be obtained from the Department of Athletics, (806) 716-2221.

Intramural Program

Intramural sports are organized leagues, tournaments and activities that are divided into separate divisions for all skill levels and all students, faculty and staff to enjoy. Intramural sports offer activities that promote fun and fair play. Among other benefits, they are a great way to meet new people, relieve stress, build self-esteem and provide leadership opportunities for those interested. In addition to the competitive sport division in which students may compete in a number of sports activities, regular periods of supervised recreational free play are scheduled so that students may participate in informal nonscheduled activities. Selected items of equipment are available to students within the competitive and free play areas. Although most activities are located on the Levelland Campus, students at all locations are encouraged to participate. Additional information can be found on MySPC under the Campus Life tab.

Texan Cheerleaders

The Texan Cheerleaders serve as both acheerleading and a dance team. They lead the way in supporting the athletic teams and adding excitement and spirit to all events. Auditions for the squad are held each spring. For information, contact the SPC Athletics Department, (806) 715-2221.

Guidance and Counseling


The staff in the Guidance and Counseling Center is dedicated to helping students fulfill their educational and career goals. From the time a student first begins preparing to attend college until graduation, the Guidance and Counseling Center staff is there to answer questions and help students make decisions. The services provided include academic advising for transfer to a four-year university, health occupations and technical careers, career assessment and job seeking skills, as well as confidential personal counseling. 

The Guidance and Counseling Center staff is a group of highly trained professionals with the best interest of the student in mind. Professional counselors are located in the Student Services Building on the Levelland Campus, in Building 8 at the Reese Center and in the Main Office at the Plainview Center. Advising and Career Services are available at the Byron Martin Advanced Technology Center. Students planning to further their education through distance learning are encouraged to contact the Director of Guidance and Counseling on the Levelland Campus for individualized assistance.

Health Services


South Plains College offers all full-time students taking at least six (6) semester hours on the Levelland Campus a medical treatment center with the services of a licensed physician and a registered nurse. The Student Health Office is located in the Student Center. Eligible students needing to see a doctor should go to the Health Services Office before 10:30 a.m. to complete records and make an appointment. The office is open from 7:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m., Monday through Friday. Physician’s hours are limited to one or two hours per day. Times are posted at the clinic.

All students enrolled in six (6) or more semester hours for the fall or spring semester or one (1) or more semester hours for the summer session are covered by an accident insurance plan. This plan provide s 24-hour coverage on and off campus for medical expenses up to $2,000 resulting from accidental injury. There is a $25 deductible and this policy is a secondary policy for any primary coverage that may exist. This is an accident policy, not a health insurance plan.

Learning Resources

South Plains College maintains a variety of programs and services designed to support teaching and learning at the college and to assist students in successfully achieving their educational goals. Students may access these learning resources at any of the college’s campus locations.

Academic support services enhance all students’ chances of success in college-level courses and provide students with opportunities to improve specific skills before enrolling in college-level courses. South Plains College maintains a variety of programs and services designed to support teaching and learning at the college and to assist students in successfully achieving their educational goals. Students may access these learning resources at any of the college’s campus locations.

The Teaching and Learning Center

The Teaching and Learning Center (TLC) assists students in developing the skills, strategies and knowledge to perform as confident, independent and active learners, prepared for a lifetime of learning. The TLC provides academic support services to all SPC students and professional development activities to all employees. Services provided include peer tutoring, study skills assessment with individual learning plans and advisement, learning strategy instruction, and independent study. Additionally, the center provides review sessions for specific topics, English as a second language (ESL) support, lecture notes and study materials for specific courses, and computer lab support. With its motto, “Working for You,” the Learning Center typifies the South Plains College commitment to improving each student’s life.

On the Levelland Campus, the TLC is located on the third floor of the Library building. The center’s academic support services are available in Building 8, Room 823 at the SPC Reese Center, in Room 158 at the Byron Martin Advanced Technology Center or the main office at the SPC Plainview Extension Center.

In the TLC students can acquire and adapt study skills, prepare for coursework or receive personalized instruction for improving learning and making better grades. A fully qualified staff are available in the Learning Center to help students acquire the academic skills and learning strategies necessary for college success with a curriculum, including reading strategies courses (READ 0301 and READ 0420); technical/scientific reading (READ 1314); and college success/learning frameworks and career development courses (HUDV 1100, HUDV 1200 and HUDV 1300).

Students who are enrolling in college for the first time are strongly encouraged to enroll in HUDV 1100 Introduction to Learning Frameworks during the first semester of enrollment. HUDV 1100 is offered at all SPC locations. This course is not a degree requirement for graduation. However, the grade earned for HUDV 1100 does count toward your cumulative GPA and may count toward the total semester hours required for graduation.

Tutors identified and recommended by the faculty provide free tutoring in most subjects taught on campus and can help students develop study techniques and learning strategies specific to different disciplines. The center operates a nationally recognized Level 1 Tutor Certification Program (through the College Reading and Learning Association).

The Learning Center also provides Texas Success Initiative preparation and development activities. South Plains College’s reading program is recognized by professionals across the state for its excellence and success in helping students pass the college placement reading test. An independent study of data from 10 of the best community college reading programs in Texas ranked the SPC Learning Center Reading Program as number one.

In addition to the seminars offered in many courses each semester, PowerPoint presentations and other resources on specific study skills are available through the Teaching and Learning Center website. Links to sites with important information about learning skills and technology are also available at the website, along with information about all services provided in the TLC.

Academic support services enhance all students’ chances of success in college-level courses and provide students with opportunities to improve specific skills before enrolling in historically difficult courses. Sensitive and responsive to the individual differences and special needs among learners, the TLC provides an array of activities and services to promote the cognitive and affective growth of all postsecondary learners at all levels of the learning continuum. Many innovative projects are developed and tested in the Teaching and Learning Center through use of Title V Strengthening Hispanic Serving Institutions program grants.

Additionally, the TLC is part of the professional development program for all employees, offering First Week activities each fall and spring semester and sponsoring numerous other workshops and activities throughout the academic year, such as Starlink teleconference workshops for faculty and partnerships with other institutions of higher education in the region.

Library and Information Services

The primary mission of the libraries of South Plains College is to support the academic, career and technical education, continuing education and community service programs of the college by providing students, faculty, staff, and the community with the information resources and services they need to achieve their educational objectives.

Graduate-degreed librarians are available during all hours the libraries are open. They provide personal reference assistance, group tours, information literacy instruction, interlibrary loans, and specialized database searches. Other services available include laminating, videotape duplication, copy machines, internet computers, printers, and audiovisual equipment.

The SPC libraries contain more than 98,000 items, which include more than 55,000 e-books, 2,000 DVDs and books on CD, more than 100 databases, a special collection of children’s literature to support the Child Development program and to encourage family literacy (Reese library) and course reserves selected by faculty. All materials are listed in the online catalog and can be transferred to any other campus on request.

There is a library on the Levelland campus, the Reese campus, and the Plainview campus (limited hours of staffing). Hours for each library are posted on the library website and change with the time of year.

The library website, http://www.southplainscollege.edu/library/ , serves as the central access point for services and information. Six self-paced teaching modules for basic library skills can be accessed through the website and complement information literacy instruction done in the library.

Music Activities


South Plains College offers many opportunities for students to further musical and cultural interests through attendance at concerts and recitals and through participation in the various musical groups directed by the Fine Arts Department and Creative Arts Department. Faculty, student and guest soloists and ensembles perform throughout the year.

The Symphonic Band performs traditional and contemporary wind literature on campus and at area high schools, and during basketball season, doubles as the Sharpshooters Pep Band. Membership is open to all college musicians with experience in wind or percussion instruments.

The Concert Choir presents a number of concerts throughout the year, performing both on campus and for churches and schools in the area. Membership is open to students who are interested in performing choral music.

The Jazz Band performs a variety of musical styles ranging from big band jazz to fusion. In addition to campus concerts, the Jazz Band performs at area high schools and for various civic events.

Scholarships are available by audition for participation in any or all performing ensembles. To qualify for a scholarship, one must be a full-time student in good academic standing. Auditions may be arranged by contacting the appropriate director. All ensemble courses may be repeated for two credit hours each semester.

There are also opportunities to participate in a variety of small instrumental and vocal ensembles, such as brass choir, low brass choir, trombone quartet, saxophone quartet, percussion ensemble and jazz singers. These may also be repeated for one hour of credit each semester.

Opportunities abound for students in the commercial music program to experience a variety of musical styles and performance venues. The Thursday Nite Live ensemble performs a 90-minute televised musical variety show before a live audience each month during the fall and spring semesters. The AlternaTV ensemble performs a rock and hip hop oriented television show each month during the fall and spring semesters. These shows are broadcast live over SPC Cable Channel 10 and rebroadcast on LISD-TV in Lubbock and surrounding communities. Pickin’ on the Plains Bluegrass TV show is filmed twice a month during the fall and spring semesters and is aired at noon on SPC TV Cable Channel 10.

The SPC touring ensemble specializes in current musical styles including rock, R&B, country, urban, Latino and many others. The group travels and performs at area high schools and other prestigious venues such as the Cactus Theater in Lubbock, Texas.

The Real Book Jazz ensemble performs classic and fusion rock jazz styles, and rock and roll enthusiasts may experience classes in classic, original and alternative rock styles. The commercial music program offers students a myriad of eclectic musical styles, including Latino, Celtic, bluegrass, contemporary Christian, classic blues, R&B and western swing. These student ensembles perform regularly in a variety of musical settings throughout West Texas and Eastern New Mexico.

Scholarships are available by audition for participation in commercial music ensembles. These auditions may be arranged by contacting the commercial music program coordinator.

New Student Orientation


Students who are enrolling in college for the first time are strongly encouraged to attend New Student Orientation, held prior to each semester at all campus locations. Multiple orientation sessions for the fall semester are scheduled during June, July and August of each year. Students should attend the orientation program at the campus where they plan to take the majority of their classes.

Students attending New Student Orientation are given the opportunity to familiarize themselves with campus services and resources, connect with faculty, staff, new and current students and explore opportunities to become involved in campus life and activities. Faculty and staff assist students in learning what it takes to be a successful student at South Plains College. New students begin an on-going advising process with an advisor and gain an understanding of degree planning and registration, as well as acquaint themselves with the various forms of technology available to SPC students.

The Office of New Student Relations coordinates New Student Orientation. Information about orientation sessions can be found on the SPC website. For information, contact the office at (806) 716-2113.

New Student Relations


In addition to New Student Orientation, the Office of New Student Relations directs other recruitment activities designed to reach prospective students. These activities include college representation at area college days and career fairs, as well as visits to area schools.

New Student Relations supports prospective students through the admissions process by providing information on the educational programs offered by the college, scheduling campus tours, assisting with the application process, and making advising appointments.

Prospective students may also participate in two special events that are designed to showcase South Plains College. Senior Sneak Preview is scheduled in February of each year and provides new students an opportunity to come on campus for program information sessions, campus tours, entertainment and a look at campus life. Opening Doors, another information program that is offered in the fall and spring semesters, focuses on first generation college students and families and the information they need for enrollment at SPC. Information about all these opportunities can be found on the SPC website.

The office also sponsors the Campus Ambassadors, a select group of students who assist with student recruitment and represent the student body at official College events. New Student Relations is part of the Office of College Relations, which directs the marketing and promotion of South Plains College.  To schedule a campus visit and tour, call (806) 716-2113.

Safety and Security


South Plains College strives to provide a safe and secure environment for students, faculty and staff. The Campus Police Department on the Levelland Campus and the SPC Reese Center is responsible for ensuring the safety of the college community and upholding the laws of the State of Texas and the United States. Campus police officers are Texas Certified Peace Officers and have full authority to enforce the law.

Security personnel are employed at the Byron Martin Advanced Technology Center and the SPC Plainview Extension Center to ensure a safe environment for students. The City of Lubbock Police Department or the City of Plainview Police Deprtment is utilized when needed.

Students and employees are encouraged to report all crimes and unsafe conditions to the Campus Police or security personnel.

The Campus Police Department, located in the Student Center on the Levelland Campus and Building 8 at the Reese Center, provides students with a number of special services, including escort services by request, information on crime prevention and reporting, property identification, building security and parking and traffic control.

Special Programs and Services


Attending college can be a great challenge for some individuals. Economic, social, cultural and personal issues can sometimes form barriers that hinder achievement of educational goals. In accordance with SPC’s Statement of Values, respecting “the diversity of its student body, and recognizing the worth and potential of each student,” a variety of special programs and services are available.

First Step Program

The First Step Program assists economically disadvantaged students who are enrolled in technical programs. Eligible students include single parents, single pregnant women, displaced homemakers, students whose career goals are considered to be nontraditional (e.g. female welding students, male cosmetology student). For more information on the First Step program, contact the First Step Counselor at Levelland at (806) 716-2563 or Reese (including Plainview and Byron Martin ATC) at 716-4615.

Multicultural Services

The Multicultural Services Office is designed to enhance and coordinate college-wide efforts to promote and support diversity. Awareness of diversity issues is raised through the dissemination of information and promotion of programs addressing multicultural issues. A sense of multicultural community is maintained through collaboration and interaction with departments and individual faculty and staff within the college. Services by the office include new student recruitment, individual counseling with students, staff and faculty, student group advisement and educational alliances with community groups. The Multicultural Services Office is located Byron Martin Advanced Technology Center. Services are provided at all locations.

Retention Specialist

The SPC Retention Specialist strives to retain a diverse student body by analyzing enrollment data in order to create and maintain innovative and effective retention programs. The Retention Specialist coordinates initiatives that allow for improved student success and academic goal attainment including academic advising, early alert and individualized student success plans. The Retention Specialist is located in the Guidance and Counseling Center on the Levelland Campus, but is available to work with students at all locations.

STAR Center

The STAR Center is funded by the U.S. Department of Education and is part of the TRIO Programs. Students participating in this program will benefit from the various activities designed to improve their academic performance and enhance their college experience which will ultimately lead to graduation and/or transfer to a four-year college/university. The STAR Center assists eligible first-generation college students, economically disadvantaged students and students with disabilities from diverse backgrounds who have a need for academic and other support services in order to successfully complete their college education. The STAR Center’s goals are:

  • To increase the retention rates for first-generation college students, economically disadvantaged students and students with disabilities.
  • To increase the graduation rates (Associate’s degree or Certificate) for first-generation college students, economically disadvantaged students and students with disabilities
  • To increase the transfer rates (to four-year colleges/universities) for first-generation college students, economically disadvantaged students and students with disabilities.

Students may qualify for services if they are U.S. citizens or legal residents, have a need for academic support, and if one or more of the following applies:

  1. Are first-generation college student (neither parent has four-year degree) or
  2. Meet low income guidelines set by the U.S. Department of Education or
  3. Have a documented physical or learning disability on file with the Disability Services Office or Department of Assistive and Rehabilitative Services (DARS).

All applicants who meet eligibility requirements will be considered for program acceptance. However, our program only admits a limited number of students each year. Students are encouraged to apply prior to or early in the fall and spring semesters. Program applications are available at the STAR Center (SSS) office located in the Technology Center or they can be downloaded from the SPC website. For additional information call (806) 716-2751.

Upward Bound

SPC Upward Bound is a college preparatory program funded by the U.S. Department of Education. It provides high school students with the skills they need to be successful in college. Participants receive academic, personal, and cultural enrichment to prepare them for higher education. The Upward Bound Program at South Plains College serves 70 students from six schools in Cochran, Hockley, Lamb and Terry Counties. Students enrolled in the ninth through eleventh grades that will be the first generation college graduates and meet low-income criteria are eligible for the program. All students must have the potential for success in post-secondary school but must also have the need for academic support and/or assistance to assure entrance into and success in college. The SPC Upward Bound Program serves students from Brownfield, Levelland, Littlefield, Morton, Whiteface and Whitharral. Program applications will be available in the counselor’s office at each school served. Interested persons may also contact the Upward Bound Program at South Plains College by calling (806) 716-2653 or visit the SPC website.

Student Center


The Student Center serves as the focal point of most campus activities on the Levelland campus, bringing together all members of the community, and college life. A gathering place for students, faculty and staff, the student center is a comfortable place for students to meet, organize and attend a variety of events.

Facilities and services within the Student Center include: Student Life Office, Student Health Offices, Student Government Offices, Campus Bookstore, Campus Police Offices, Snack Bar, meeting rooms, dining services, and the campus post office.

Student Government


The Student Senate at South Plains College acts as the governing agency of the student body for the purpose of advising and recommending the formulation of policy pertaining to student life. It is also the purpose of the Student Senate to assist and advise in the planning and administration of the activity program and in promoting student participation, morale and welfare on the college campus. The Student Senate executive branch consisting of the Student Association President, a cabinet of officers, 10 senators and a representative from each recognized club or organization comprise the student government association. Student Government Offices are both elected and appointed.

Student Life


Life at South Plains College outside the classroom offers a wealth of opportunity for personal growth and development that supports and enhances students’ academic experience. Consistent with the South Plains College Mission, the Office of Student Life supports the development of the whole person: intellectually, socially, culturally and spiritually. Our programs are designed to help students make the most of their South Plains College experience. Current students, their guests, alumni, faculty and staff are invited to attend events hosted by the Office of Student Life.

Student Organizations


South Plains College is committed to creating an environment that fosters student growth both academically and socially. SPC Clubs and Organizations provide students with a diverse and balanced intellectual, cultural, spiritual and social experience that encourages student learning and development, awareness and responsible living as well as enhances the mission of the college.

Formation of New Clubs - New student organizations may be formed as the need develops. To be registered as a South Plains College Club or Organization a petition for approval must first be submitted to the Director of Student Life on the Levelland Campus.

Official SPC clubs and organizations may sponsor and host events on the South Plains College campuses.  To sponsor or host an event, clubs and organizations must submit in writing a request to the either the Director of Student Life on the Levelland Campus, the Director of the Plainview Center or the Dean of the SPC Reese Center depending which campus the event will be held.  Authorization may not be granted if the event is in conflict with an already scheduled event.  Further arrangements are the responsibility of the sponsoring organization and their advisor.

Student Publications


The Plainsman Press is a bi-weekly newspaper published by the journalism program in the Communications Department at South Plains College. This newspaper serves to inform the college community of local events, as well as statewide and national news and issues of interest. The publication also serves to stimulate interest in projects that benefit the college and to editorially examine pertinent issues of the institution and societal trends as a whole. It serves the college community as a public forum for student and faculty opinion through the publication of letters to the editor. The Plainsman Press also serves as a learning lab for those students who are interested in pursuing a career in the broad field of mass communications.

SPC TV and Texan Radio


SPC offers radio, television and film students the opportunity to work in the production of television programming that is cable cast on SPC TV Cable Channel 10 throughout the communities of Levelland, Littlefield and Morton. Student produced programming includes live television newscasts, live Texan basketball games, and live concerts. Students also have the opportunity to work on Texan Radio, the campus station that webcasts at www.southplainscollege.edu. Students who work on SPC TV news programs represent the college in Texas Intercollegiate Press Association competition.

Testing Services


The Testing Center helps support the institutional mission of South Plains College by supporting student retention and success by providing examinations and resources to assist academic and professional advancement to students and externally to the community. The Testing Center is committed to maintain the highest compliance with nationally recognized professional testing standards and practices, safeguarding confidentiality of student records, and creating an optimal testing environment. Within this framework, the Testing Center strives to:

  • Provide a public service by offering computer-based and/or paper-pencil testing services
  • Provide assistance to various campus offices in helping students meet their needs for different programs
  • Administer national and professional entrance, certification and advanced-standing examinations available to the college and community
  • Provide a facility conducive to a quality testing environment which will be clean, comfortable, quiet, aesthetically pleasing and user-friendly
  • Adhere to the National College Testing Association’s (NCTA’s) Professional Standards and Guidelines for Post-Secondary Test Centers

The Testing Center additionally supports student retention and success by administering appropriate exams to determine initial course placement and referring students to appropriate resources for test preparation and registration.

For more information regarding specific testing available and their location, please contact the testing offices on the Levelland Campus or Reese Center, the counselor at the Plainview Center or the academic advisor at the Byron Martin ATC. Additional information can also be found in the on the SPC website.

Texan ID Card


Texan Student ID cards are issued through the Office of Student Life. All financial aid, scholarships, and refunds are direct deposited to the Texan Card unless otherwise instructed by the student.

The Texan Student ID card is your personal college identification card. It permits the use of various services and facilities around campus including: Dining Services, Library, College Bookstore, Technology Center Computer Lab, Student Center Game Room, recreational facilities, athletic events, as well as provides access to designated residence halls and laundry facilities.

South Plains College highly encourages each student to obtain a Texan Student ID card. The first card issued is free. Replacement cards are $10.00. Loss of your Texan ID card should be reported immediately to the Office of Student Life or the Business Office on the Levelland Campus, the Business Office at the Reese Center or the office of the Director of Plainview Center.

Veterans Services


The function of the Veterans Services at South Plains College is to assist enrolled service persons, veterans, their dependents and survivors in pursuing their educational, professional, or vocational objectives. We are available to answer questions concerning veteran educational benefits, certify enrollments for the Department of Veterans Affairs and monitor student’s degree plans and academic progress.

Benefits Coordinator

All students receiving VA benefits are responsible for notifying the Veteran Benefits Coordinator or Veterans Advisor each semester of their intent to use their benefits. This notification will initiate certification of enrollment to the VA. Veteran Benefits personnel are located in the Financial Aid Office at both the Levelland campus and Reese Center. The coordinator should be notified by any student receiving VA benefits of any changes in mailing address, dependents’ status, degree, or type of benefits being used. The counselor at the Plainview Center and Byron Martin ATC can provide assistance to any student attending these SPC centers.

Veterans Counselors

Counselors are available in the Guidance and Counseling Office at both the Levelland Campus and Reese Center to assist students receiving VA benefits with academic degree plans as well as personal counseling.

Student Veteran Center

Located in SPC Reese Center Building 8, Room 825, the Student Veteran Center is a quiet, comfortable room where student veterans can socialize with each other, have a cup of coffee, study, or use one of three computers. Student veterans will also find current information and referral resources from a variety of state and local veteran organizations.

Veteran’s Lending Library

Any student who is a veteran of the U.S. Armed Forces is eligible to borrow textbooks from the Veterans Lending Library. The library is maintained through donations of current textbooks only. Textbooks are lent on a first-come, first-served basis. Veterans are encouraged to check with the Lending Library prior to purchasing textbooks. Donations are always welcomed. Veterans should contact (806) 716-4615 or visit SPC Reese Center Building 8, Room 813.