2018-2019 Student Guide & Residence Life Handbook 
    Jun 17, 2019  
2018-2019 Student Guide & Residence Life Handbook

Student Organizations

South Plains College is committed to creating an environment that fosters student growth both academically and socially. SPC Clubs and Organizations provide students with a diverse and balanced intellectual, cultural, spiritual and social experience that encourages student learning and development, awareness and responsible living as well as enhances the mission of the College.

Formation of New Clubs

New student organizations may be formed as the need develops. To be registered as a South Plains College Club or Organization a petition for approval must first be submitted to the Director of Student Life on the Levelland Campus. The petition must set forth:

  1. The objective of the organization.
  2. Membership requirements.
  3. Proposed constitution.
  4. Signature of faculty sponsors (2 minimum).
  5. Signature of minimum of 10 petitioners.

Petitions may be obtained from The Office of Student Life.

Handling of Club and Organizational Funds

SPC Clubs & Organizations are required to open an account through the South Plains College Business office. Deposits and withdrawals should be submitted to the Business Office by the club President and must be approved by the club advisor.

Club Sponsored Events

Official SPC Clubs & Organizations may sponsor and host events on the South Plains College campuses. To sponsor or host an event, clubs and organizations must submit in writing a request to the either the Director of Student Life on the Levelland Campus, the Director of the Plainview Center or the Dean of the Reese Center depending which campus the event will be held. Authorization may not be granted if the event is in conflict with an already scheduled event. Further arrangements are the responsibility of the sponsoring organization and their advisor.

Student Use of Facilities

South Plains College facilities are intended primarily for the support of ongoing instructional programs of the institution. Secondary priority is given to programs sponsored and conducted by college instructional and administrative departments. Beyond these two priorities, use of campus space and facilities is permitted and encouraged for events and activities that serve or benefit the College campus community.

Permission to use campus facilities and space is granted by the Director of Student Life on the Levelland Campus, the Director of the Plainview Center, and the Dean of the Reese Center. The use of South Plains College facilities and space must adhere to college policies/ regulations, as well as local, state and federal law.

Posting and Distribution Guidelines

Posting and distributing printed materials and publications on campus must be approved by the Director of Student Life on the Levelland Campus, the Director of the Plainview Center, the Executive Director of Lubbock Center, and the Dean of the Reese Center. Once permission is granted the following general regulations must be observed. Posters must be approved and stamped by the appropriate Director or Dean. Posters may be placed only in designated areas. See the appropriate Director or Dean for specific posting locations. No displays should mar or permanently deface buildings, floors or sidewalks. Persons responsible for the placement of posters are responsible for their removal after two weeks or immediately after the advertised event. Poster will be removed if posting and distribution guidelines are not followed. Placing materials and information on automobile windshields is strictly forbidden.

Active Clubs and Organizations

Art Club Levelland Kristy Kristinek
Advocates for Children Today Reese Stephanie Deering
Baptist Student Ministries (BSM) Levelland Jennifer Patterson, Wayne Beadles
Biology Club Levelland David Etheredge
Business Administration Club Levelland Lauren Gregory
Campus Ambassadors Levelland Chase Dunn
Catholic Student Ministries Levelland Melinda Fraire
College 180 Ministries Levelland Edgar
DECOM (Design Communications) Levelland Paul Davidson
Emergency Medical Services Student Organization Reese Jerry Findley
Entrepreneurial Club - Student  Entrepreneurs after Real Change Levelland Ramesh Krishnan
Geology Club (Rock Whisperers) Levelland Aaron Greene
Jazz Club Levelland John Kennedy
Intramural Sports Levelland Dustin Wimmer
Law Enforcement/Criminal Justice  Levelland Kenny Burns
Phi Theta Kappa Levelland Enrique Escamilla
Physical Therapy Assistant Assoc Levelland Jackie Underwood
Press Club Levelland Charles Ehrenfeld
Quarter Mile Club Levelland Gary Ham
Residence Hall Assn. (RHA) Levelland Kathleen Valle
Sixth (6th) Man Spirit Squad Levelland Miranda English
SPC Bands Levelland Gary Hudson
SPC Ballroom Dance Club Levelland Vanessa Moffett
SPECTRA (Gay Straight Alliance) Reese Brant Farrar
STAR Center Organization Levelland Manuel Cedillo
Student Government Association Levelland Miranda English
Video Production Tech Levelland Thomas Stalcup
Wesley Foundation Levelland Chelsey Jones