2021-2022 General Catalog 
    Jul 23, 2024  
2021-2022 General Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Where to get more information about SPC

Inquiries about the programs of South Plains College are welcome and should be addressed to the appropriate office at South Plains College. You can direct your inquiries and requests to one of the offices listed below.
             South Plains College
             1401 S. College Ave.
           Levelland, Texas 79336
  (806) 894-9611 or (806) 885-3048
For information about the SPC Levelland Campus, contact:
General information and departmental brochures:
  Office of New Student Relations, (806) 716-2113
General Catalog, Campus Tours:
  Office of New Student Relations, (806) 716-2113
Admission application, transcripts, and schedule changes:
  Office of Admissions and Records, (806) 716-2500
Student financial aid, grants, and loans:
  Office of Financial Aid, (806) 894-9611, ext. 3800.
  Scholarship Office, (806) 716-2219.
Tuition and fees:
  Business Office, (806) 716-2408.
Student housing information and reservation forms:
  Office of Student Housing, (806) 716-2379.
Advising, Career Services and Testing:
  Advising and Testing Center, (806) 716-2366.
Intercollegiate athletics:
  Office of Athletics, (806) 716-2221.
Student activities, clubs and organizations:
  Office of Student Activities, (806) 716-2377.
Community services and contract training:
  Office of Continuing Education, (806) 716-2341.
Distance Education:
  Office of Instructional Technology, (806) 716-2243.
For information about the SPC Reese Center, contact:
  SPC Reese Center
  819 Gilbert Drive
  Lubbock, Texas 79416
  (806) 885-3048
  Admissions and Records, (806) 716-2500
  Business Office, (806) 716-4617
  Advising and Testing Center, (806) 716-4606
  Financial Aid, (806) 716-4661
For information about the SPC Lubbock Center, contact:
  SPC Lubbock Center
  3907 Ave. Q
  Lubbock, Texas 79412
  (806) 716-4906
For information about the SPC Plainview Center, contact:
  SPC Plainview Center
  1920 W. 24th Street
  Plainview, Texas 79072
  (806) 716-4302