2022-2023 General Catalog 
    Jul 23, 2024  
2022-2023 General Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Residence Halls

South Plains College provides opportunities for full-time students to live on the Levelland Campus. The College maintains six residence halls for men, five residence halls for women and Smallwood Apartments for men and women. SPC provides on-campus living accommodations for 774 students.

All residence halls are furnished and air-conditioned, providing a comfortable living environment. Most residence halls feature a central lobby where residents may meet with friends to enjoy television, play games, or participate in other activities. Residence halls also feature vending machines and access to on-campus laundry facilities. Each hall or apartment has Internet capability. The use of security cameras and card access is incorporated into selected residential facilities to provide safety and security for our on-campus residents.

Food services for students living in residence halls is provided in the Texan Hall, the college dining facility. Texan Hall is located in the Student Center. Meals are prepared by a staff of professional cooks under the management of Great Western Dining Service, Inc.

College residence halls and Texan Hall are closed during Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Spring Break. The Texan Hall is closed during the summer.

The residence hall program is supervised by the Student Housing Office under the guidance of the Dean and Associate Dean of Students. The college strives to provide an atmosphere in its residence halls that is conducive to the educational purpose and mission of the college. Residence hall personnel also realize that in addition to classroom knowledge, a student may learn a great deal about group living and the social skills required to cooperatively interact with others. Student housing rules and regulations are enforced to ensure a proper setting for learning and, at the same time, to help residents develop a sense of self-responsibility.

Student Housing Policy


Student housing is available on the Levelland Campus for students enrolled in a minimum course load of 12 semester hours. All students requesting on-campus housing are required to submit an application for housing and a required deposit. Acceptance is contingent upon availability and approval of the Associate Dean of Students.

Application for Housing


To apply for campus housing, students must submit the following items:

  • Application for Housing Form;
  • $100 Deposit;

Application materials can be obtained online at:http://www.southplainscollege.edu/campuslife/residencehalls/index.php.

Residence Hall assignments for the fall semester are made before June 15 of each year. Students will receive their assignments via email to their SPC email account. Once rooms are assigned the charges for housing will be added to the student’s account.

Housing Contract Policy


Students residing on-campus are under contract with South Plains College. This contract is an agreement to remain in student housing for the balance of the school year, beginning with the move in date for the term. A $100 deposit is required to retain a room reservation. The Application for Housing and the $100 deposit must be on file before a room is assigned. Those who have signed a contract and decide not to enroll in this institution must cancel their contract before the dates indicated below:

Fall Semester August 1, 3:00 p.m.
Spring Semester January 2, 3:00 p.m.
First Summer Session May 15, 3:00 p.m.
Second Summer Session June 15, 3:00 p.m.


A student’s withdrawal from housing during the course of a semester constitutes a breach of contract. Should this occur for reasons other than illness or involuntary withdrawal from college, the student will forfeit the deposit. Students involuntarily withdrawing will be refunded room and board prorated on the date of withdrawal and the deposit less damages.

Housing and Food Service Charges


All students who reside in residence halls obtain room and meals in a package plan for a unit price. Students residing in the Smallwood Apartments are charged only for apartment rent with utilities furnished. Meal plans are available to Smallwood Apartment residents upon request in the housing office. Students not living in the residence halls may purchase meal plans through Great Western Dining in the Texan Hall. Room and meal charges for residence halls are due at the time of registration.

Residence Hall Food Plan

South Plains College provides students living in residence halls continuous meal service. Students are allowed to use food service facilities for 21 meals per week. See the Residence Life Handbook for Great Western hours and more details.

Room and Meal Rates per Semester

Room and meal costs listed here are charged on a per semester basis and include sales tax. Students may request a private room for an additional fee after consolodation at the beginning of a semester. Such requests are granted on a space available basis.  See the Residence Life Handbook for more details. The rate for the Smallwood Apartments DOES NOT include meal service.


      Frazier, Stroud, and Forrest Halls $2,100
      Lamar Hall and Magee Hall $2,200
      Gerstenberger Hall $2,550


     Tubb Hall $2,550
     North Sue Spencer, South Sue Spencer and Gillespie Halls $2,200

     Baker Center



     Smallwood Apartments  $980
     (Two bedrooms, four occupants)  


      Smallwood Apartments Summer School  
       (per 5 week summer term) $350
       (per 12 week summer term) $825
      Smallwood Apartment Full-Meal Plan $1,000
       (only available fall and spring semesters)  
      Private Room Fee in Residence Halls (only available in spring semesters) $500
      Room Reservation and Property Deposit $100



Room and meal charges are subject to change without notice.



Residence Hall Descriptions and Conveniences


Frazier, Stroud, Forrest Halls (Men)

These three halls are identical in floor plan and furnishings. Each room houses two men and is furnished with twin beds, desk, chest, wardrobe closets, a lavatory, and wireless Internet connections. Remodeled community bathrooms are located in each wing. Laundry facilities are available in all three residence halls. These halls are protected by a security camera system for the safety and security of on-campus residents.


Lamar Hall (Men)

Lamar Hall features a suite arrangement with a private bathroom between two rooms. Each room is shared by two men and furnished with two beds, a desk, chest, closets, a lavatory, and wireless Internet connections. Laundry facilities are also located in Lamar Hall. This residence hall is protected by a security camera system for the safety and security of on-campus residents.


Magee Hall (Men)

Returning sophomore students receive preference for rooms in Magee Hall. All rooms are suites. Each resident has a private bedroom with a single bed, desk, chest, and closet. Two residents share a comfortably furnished living area with couch, chairs, large shelf unit and two lavatories. A bathroom is located between two rooms and is shared by four residents. All rooms are carpeted. Magee also has a central laundry facility. Rooms have wireless Internet connections.


Tubb Hall (Women)/Gerstenberger Hall (Men)

Tubb and Gerstenberger Halls, the newest SPC residence halls, features suite-style living with two bedrooms and two bathrooms in each suite to accommodate four students. Each room within the suite is furnished with two beds, two closets, two desks, and carpet. These facilities are secured by card access and security camera systems to provide safety and security to on-campus residents. Residents will have access to laundry rooms, a computer lab, full kitchens, and public and private lobby areas. Rooms have wireless Internet connections.


North Sue Spencer, South Sue Spencer, Gillespie Halls (Women)

North Sue, South Sue and Gillespie Halls provide a suite arrangement with two women sharing a room. A bathroom with shower is located between rooms and shared by four residents. Rooms are furnished with carpet, two beds, chest, study desks and chairs, bookshelf, and two closets. Each hall has a private lobby and laundry facilities available to residents only. These facilities are secured by a card access and security camera system to provide safety and security to on-campus residents. Rooms have wireless Internet connections.

Baker Center Addition (Women)

Baker Center rooms are located in Gillespie and South Sue, adjacent to the Baker Center central lobby. Fourteen (14) rooms are available. These rooms are much larger than the average room, have carpet, mini-blinds, large bathroom area with storage, double lavatories, and a tub and shower combination. This facility is secured with a card access and security camera system to provide safety and security to our on-campus residents. Rooms have wireless Internet connections.


Smallwood Apartments (Women & Men)

The Smallwood Complex features six apartment units by building: three buildings house men and three buildings house women. Four students share an apartment which is carpeted, completely furnished, air-conditioned, and have mini-blind window coverings. The split level floor plan features a combination living-kitchen area, one bedroom and private bath downstairs, and a loft bedroom and private bath upstairs. Wireless internet is available to all Smallwood residents. Rent includes all utilities.