2010-2011 General Catalog 
    Mar 03, 2024  
2010-2011 General Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Science Department

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The objectives and primary purposes of the Science Department include: 1.) providing students who plan to major or minor in one of the agricultural sciences, physical sciences, home economics and health sciences an opportunity to meet the requirements for a degree or entrance into a professional school of pharmacy, medicine, medical technology, veterinary medicine, dentistry and other medical fields; 2.) providing support courses in other areas such as the allied health fields; 3.) providing non-science majors an opportunity to satisfy their science requirements; and 4.) providing the interested person usable knowledge of the sciences.

Suggested Curricula

The suggested curricula are guidelines that should meet the requirements for the various majors and/or programs for the first two years of college work. However, since all four-year universities do not require the same courses for the first two years, the students are urged to obtain advisement from a member of the Science Department to prepare a degree outline specifically for the transfer university.

It may be advisable to take a course or two in a summer session to allow for a lighter “load” or to “catch up” in an area of weakness such as math or English.

Course loads may also be lightened by receiving credit by examination through the CLEP exam program. Exams in English, history, math, science and other subject areas are available through the Guidance and Counseling Office.

Departmental chairperson is Dr. Jesse Yeh, professor of chemistry.

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