2012-2013 General Catalog 
    May 30, 2023  
2012-2013 General Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Real Estate Salesmanship Certificate (Major Code 5423C)

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Offered at the Byron Martin Advanced Technology Center

This Certificate program in Real Estate is designed to provide students with a specialized and practical education in Real Estate.  Students who complete the program will be eligible to receive a Certificate of Proficiency from South Plains College and will satisfy the educational requirements of the Texas Real Estate Commission to take the Texas Real Estate Salesperson License examination and meets the educational requirements to renew the license and begin or continue working in a real estate office. 

Program Advisor is Al Sechrist, professor of real estate.

Total Semester Hours: 12

Second Semester

RELE Elective** (2 semester hours)
RELE Elective** (2 semester hours)
RELE Elective** (2 semester hours)

Total Semester Hours: 6


*Although not a requirement for this certificate, students are strongly encouraged to take HUDV 1100 during the first semester of enrollment.  Also not required, but students are encouraged to take RELE 2171 to help prepare them for the state licensing examination.
**RELE Electives:  RELE 1203, RELE 1207, RELE 1209, RELE 1215, RELE 1221, RELE 1225, RELE 1227, RELE 1229, RELE 1235, RELE 2231.
Capstone Experience:  Eligibility to take the State Real Estate Salesperson License examination.

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