2013-2014 General Catalog 
    Nov 16, 2018  
2013-2014 General Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Commercial Music, Performance Track Advanced Commercial Music Certificate (Major Code 8450C)

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Offered at the Levelland Campus

This certificate option provides additional skills for employment in the commercial music field. Completion of the Performance Track Commercial Music Certificate is a prerequisite to enrolling in this advanced certificate program; exceptions are made only with consent of program coordinator. Students who complete the following curriculum receive a Certificate of Proficiency. To qualify for the Certificate of Proficiency, the student must complete a Capstone Experience in the final semester of the program.

This is a TSI-waived certificate. Students declaring this major are not subject to the TSI regulations unless they enroll in a course outside the prescribed curriculum.

Program advisors are Donald Borba, instructor in commercial music; Brent Wheeler, assistant professor of commercial music; and Bethany Borba, instructor in commercial music.

Certificate of Proficiency

First Semester*

Total Semester Hours: 16/17


*Although not a requirement, students are strongly encouraged to take HUDV 1100 during the first semester of enrollment.
** CTE related course that may be articulated with high school.
***Consult advisor for proper choice of course.

Commercial Music Ensembles: MUSP 1200, MUSP 1209, MUSP 1240, MUSP 1246, MUSP 1250, MUSP 1251, MUSP 1253, MUSP 1270.

Group Class Instruction: MUSP 1202, MUSP 1212, MUSP 1213, MUSP 2202, MUSP 2205.

Applied Commercial Music: MUSP 1103, MUSP 1104, MUSP 1105, MUSP 1106, MUSP 1110, MUSP 1111, MUSP 1115, MUSP 1117, MUSP 1121, MUSP 1123, MUSP 1127, MUSP 1128, MUSP 1203, MUSP 1204, MUSP 1205, MUSP 1206, MUSP 1210, MUSP 1211, MUSP 1215, MUSP 1217, MUSP 1221, MUSP 1223, MUSP 1227, MUSP 1228.

Advanced Applied Commercial Music: MUSP 2130, MUSP 2131, MUSP 2132, MUSP 2133, MUSC 2135, MUSP 2137, MUSP 2140, MUSP 2143, MUSP 2147, MUSP 2149, MUSP 2152, MUSP 2230, MUSP 2231, MUSP 2232, MUSP 2233, MUSP 2235, MUSP 2237, MUSP 2240, MUSP 2243, MUSP 2247, MUSP 2249, MUSP 2252.

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