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South Plains College    
  Nov 21, 2017
2017-2018 General Catalog

Diesel Service Technology, AAS -Major Code 6423,CIP Code 470605

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The Diesel Service Technology program offers an Associate of Applied Science degree with the option for specialization in either equipment or transportation.

The diesel equipment option is designed to meet the needs of the diesel powered equipment industry including agricultural and construction equipment.  This area of specialization provides further focused training in electronics, hydraulics, hydrostatic and power-shift transmissions such as are found in agricultural and construction equipment applications.

The diesel transportation option is designed for the needs of the diesel powered trucking & transportation industry.  This specialization focuses on further studies in electronics, engine overhaul, steering & suspension and transmissions.

Specific areas of training for these options include:  air conditioning & heating (HVAC), major engine repair & overhaul; transmissions, rear axle assemblies and drive line repair; steering gear and linkage; fuel injection systems; basic hydraulic system theory and operation; diagnosis, repair and replacement of auxiliary equipment such as starters, generators, alternators, swithches, regulators, and other miscellaneous items.  Also includes safety, troubleshooting procedures and shop operations & procedures.  Successful completion qualifies a student as a career entry level technician.

The following curriculum meets all the requirements for the Associate of Applied Science degree.  To qualify for the A.A.S. degree, the student must complete a Capstone Experience in the final semester of the program.  An option plan for the Certificate of Proficiency is also offered.  This degree requires compliance with TSI.

The Diesel Technology program prepares students to enter an occupation where industrial safety is a critical competency and will require all students to successfully complete a program specific safety examination prior to participating in laboratory activities. Safety examination includes written and practical “hands-on” preparation, demonstration, and safe operation of occupational processes and equipment.

Program advisor is Whitney Owens, professor of diesel service technology.

Associate of Applied Science Degree

Total Semester Hours: 15

Total Semester Hours: 15

Total Semester Hours: 15

Fourth Semester

DEMR Specialization Elective 2 hours
DEMR Specialization Elective 2 hours
DEMR Specialization Elective 2 hours
Language, Philosophy and Culture/Creative Arts Elective 3 hours
Social/Behavioral Science Elective 3 hours

Total Semester Hours: 15


*Although not a requirement, students are strongly encouraged to take EDUC 1100 during the first semester of enrollment.
**CTE courses that may be articulated with high school.
***Consult program advisor for proper choice of course requirement.
****CEMR 1406, DEMR 1449 and DEMR 2434 must be taken concurrently.

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