2020-2021 General Catalog 
    Mar 01, 2024  
2020-2021 General Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Commercial Music: Electronic Music Production Specialization

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Offered at the Levelland Campus

The Commercial Music Electronic Music Production Specialization curriculum is designed to provide the basic skills to equip the student to work in the field of popular commercial music including EDM, Electronica and other Electronic-based genres.  The curriculum meets all requirements for the Associate of Applied Arts degree.


Program advisors are Brent Wheeler, program coordinator and assistant professor of commercial music; Allie Maddox, instructor in commercial music.

Total Semester Hours: 13

Second Semester

Total Semester Hours: 15

Total Semester Hours: 17

Fourth Semester

Total Semester Hours: 15


*,**,***Consult advisor for proper choice of course.

*Commerical Music Ensembles:

MUSP 1209 Bluegrass

MUSP 1240 Large Commercial Music Ensemble: Band

MUSP 1270 Large Commercial Music Ensemble: Advanced Performance (Audition)

MUSP 1200 Introductory Guitar Ensemble

MUSP 1246 Country

MUSP 1250 Jazz (Audition)

MUSP 1253 Rock

** Group Class Instruction:

MUSP 1213 Introductory Group Bass Guitar

MUSP 1212 Introductory Group Guitar

MUSP 1202 Introductory Group Voice

MUSP 2205 Intermediate Group Bass Guitar

MUSP 2202 Intermediate Group Guitar

MUSP 1103 Acoustic Bass

MUSP 1104 Bass Guitar

MUSP 1105 Commercial Guitar

MUSP 1106 Dobro Guitar

MUSP 1110 Piano

MUSP 1111 Fiddle             

MUSP 1115 Mandolin      

MUSP 1117 Percussion     

MUSP 1121 Steel Guitar

MUSP 1123 Synthesizer

MUSP 1127 Voice

MUSP 1128 Banjo

***MUSP 1203 Acoustic Bass

MUSP 1204 Bass Guitar

MUSP 1205 Commercial Guitar

MUSP 1206 Dobro Guitar

MUSP 1210 Piano

MUSP 1211 Fiddle

MUSP 1215 Mandolin

MUSP 1217 Percussion

MUSP 1221 Steel Guitar

MUSP 1223 Synthesizer

MUSP 1227 Voice

MUSP 1228 Banjo

MUSP 2131 Advanced Acoustic Bass

MUSP 2133 Advanced Bass Guitar

MUSP 2135 Advanced Piano

MUSP 2137 Advanced Commercial Guitar  

MUSP 2140 Advanced Dobro Guitar

MUSP 2143 Advanced Fiddle                         

MUSP 2147 Advanced Mandolin                   

MUSP 2149 Advanced Percussion 

MUSP 2152 Advanced Steel Guitar

MUSP 2130 Advanced  Voice

MUSP 2132 Advanced Banjo

MUSP 2231 Advanced Acoustic Bass

MUSP 2233 Advanced Bass Guitar

MUSP 2235 Advanced Piano

MUSP 2237 Advanced Commercial Guitar  

MUSP 2240 Advanced Dobro Guitar

MUSP 2243 Advanced Fiddle                         

MUSP 2247 Advanced Mandolin                   

MUSP 2249 Advanced Percussion 

MUSP 2252 Advanced Steel Guitar

MUSP 2230 Advanced Voice

MUSP 2232 Advanced Banjo


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