2023-2024 General Catalog 
    Jul 12, 2024  
2023-2024 General Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]


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The following transfer guide prepares the student for transfer to a university baccalaureate program. The recommended courses meet the requirements for the Associate of Arts degree from SPC. Faculty advisors are Dr. Kyle Keltz, Associate Professor of Philosophy and English, and Sharon Race, Chairperson of the English and Philosophy Department.

Suggested Transfer Guide


Total Semester Hours: 16


  • Life and Physical Science * (4 semester hours)

  • American History* (3 semester hours)

  • Speech Communications*++ (3 semester hours)

  • Kinesiology Activity++ (1 semester hour)

Total Semester Hours: 14


Total Semester Hours: 15-16


  • Life and Physical Science* (4 semester hours)

  • Philosophy* (3 semester hours). Choose from:

    • PHIL 2303 - Introduction to Formal Logic
    • PHIL 2306 - Introduction to Ethics
  • Sophomore English Literature* (3 semester hours). Choose from:

    • ENGL 2321 - British Literature
    • ENGL 2326 - American Literature
    • ENGL 2328 - American Lit. Since 1865
    • ENGL 2331 - World Lit for Educators
    • ENGL 2332 - World Literature I
    • ENGL 2333 - World Literature II
    • ENGL 2341 - Forms of Literature
    • ENGL 2351 - Mexican American Literature
  • Foreign Language** (3-4 semester hours)

Total Semester Hours: 16-17


*Consult faculty advisor for proper choice of courses.

** Foreign Language Course Placement: 

  • SPAN 1411-Beginning Spanish I-For students with 0 - 1 years of high school Spanish or those who feel they are very weak in the language despite previous experience in high school or a long time since they have had a language class. This course assumes the student has never taken a course. (No prerequisites) 
  • SPAN 1412-Beginning Spanish II- This is a recommended starting point for most students with 2 or more years of high school Spanish. It includes a brief review of the SPAN 1411 course basics. (Prerequisites: 2+ years of high school Spanish, SPAN 1411 or equivalent) 
  • SPAN 2311-Intermediate Spanish I-This course is the first of the 2 courses at the sophomore-level that are required for many 4-year degrees. (Prerequisites are SPAN 1412 and/or SPAN 1412)
  • SPAN 2312-Intermediate Spanish II- This course is the second of the two courses at the sophomore-level that are required for many 4-year degrees. (Prerequisite is SPAN 2311)

++SPC degree requirement. (Note: kinesiology activity courses may not be repeated for graduation credit. Please see requirements regarding non-resident completion of this requirement in the catalog.)

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